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3GlobalTec é uma corporação com sede no Panamá e sucursais nos Estados Unidos e Brasil, que atua na área de ciência e tecnologia.
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Android and iOS Apple Mobile Apps

We have one of the best solutions ready Market Mobile Applications to meet their needs

3GT Custom Apps

An excellent solution for your business and the best value marketd


Integration with systems sales, service and administrative software

Special Projects

Apps for Android and Apple iOS customized and developed in native language

3GlobalTec Apps Manager

Our Applications and Mobile Coupons are fully manageable through online systems in their language.
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Innovative Features To Create Your Mobile App

Complete Control

3GT Apps gives you complete control over every aspect of the finished product—from functionality to aesthetic—with our versatile builder.

Secure Your App

With our 99.9% server uptime, your mobile app will always perform at its very best.

Launch Your App

Easily publish your app on all three platforms: iOS, Android, and HTML5 (Mobile Websites).


With your very own CMS, you can see how users are engaging with your app. Track and analyze app usage to see what kind of content stirs the crowd.

3Globaltec has the ideal solution for your mobile application.