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3GlobalTec é uma corporação com sede no Panamá e sucursais nos Estados Unidos e Brasil, que atua na área de ciência e tecnologia.
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For your safety and convenience, we offer the best of world market of payment options

Use Bitcoin, NETELLER or Skrill, Credit cards in 3GlobalTec and has unique advantages

3GlobalTec recommends NETELLER or Skrill as a payment method

What is it Neteller?


NETELLER is a secure site where you can open a free account and then transfer funds using your bank account, credit card or other method of transfer.

After you open your NETELLER account, you can deposit, withdraw and transfer funds to the various institutions that accept NETELLER online payments, including the 3GlobalTec. Visit www.neteller.com to register a free account.

NETELLER offers a highly secure and easy online registration, in addition to customer service 12:00 am, 7 days a week by email, live chat and telephone.

Why use the Neteller in 3GlobalTec?

NETELLER allows you to quickly and easily, manage monies in a growing number of online sites.  After you create and confirm your NETELLER account, you only need a few seconds so you can make transfers to your account 3GlobalTec – and the process of configuration and usage in 3GlobalTec is entirely free.

The 3GlobalTec has members payments integration Club Vip 3Gt directly to NETELLER accounts, you can work with an international credit card prepay. Vip Club members receive their 3GT commissions, bonuses and awards directly to your Neteller account and can withdraw the funds in local currency in more than 200 countries and 40 local coins!

NETELLER is secure?

NETELLER is a highly secure and widely used way to transfer funds on the Internet.  It uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and 128-bit encryption keys, the most advanced browser available online cirptografia.  All your personal information is stored and protected by a secure firewall.

How to transfer funds to NETELLER account?

You can use credit cards Visa, Mastercard and Amex. You can still perform bank transfer many banks of the world.

If you prefer to use the transfer with Bank and even BitCoins!!!

How to make purchases in 3GlobalTec using NETELLER?

Deposit funds into your NETELLER account using one of the above funding options, and then make the payment from your account 3GlobalTec through ‘ box/Checkout ‘ 3GlobalTec system.
All NETELLER deposits are processed through the ‘ Cashier ‘ button in the 3GlobalTec website. To make a payment, simply perform the login of your 3GlobalTec account, click the ‘ Checkout ‘ button/Box and select ‘ Pay with Neteller.

As my withdrawals will be processed?

You can use your NETELLER account to withdraw funds from your account 3GlobalTec. This option is valid only for members of the Vip Club Membership program 3GT having commissions, bonuses, cashback or other amounts credited by 3GlobalTec.

Please be aware that withdrawals are automatically credited in us dollars (USD) to your Neteller account and the values used for conversion in the currency registered to your Neteller account (if another currency), exchange values stipulated by Neteller in the day of the operation; so, check out the exchange rate for conversion of the day before the request of looting.

For your convenience, you can create a Neteller account with default currency in Dollars.
Please visit our policy in the Tos for more information.

What price to use NETELLER in 3GlobalTec?

No fees are charged for using NETELLER at 3GlobalTec. Users and members are responsible for any fees charged by NETELLER.