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3GlobalTec é uma corporação com sede no Panamá e sucursais nos Estados Unidos e Brasil, que atua na área de ciência e tecnologia.
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Mobile Coupons 3GT

Why create mobile phone coupons?
3GT Mobile Coupons

Mobile Coupons & TagPasses

Statistics show that digital coupons for smartphones have the best mobile coupon redemption rates, even more than traditional paper coupons. This is because your clients pretty much always have their mobile phones with them every time they visit your store. Mobile coupons can reach your target audience with the latest technology, instead of standard marketing methods. Mobile coupons can be distributed through email, sms, Facebook, apps, wifi networks, NFC tags, or iBeacons.

Mobile Coupon Manager

Our mobile coupon manager is the most advanced and reliable builder you can find on the Internet.
It helps businesses to build beautiful and successful mobile marketing campaigns in a very short time. Our customers can use our software to build exclusive mobile offers that can be delivered to customers through QR codes,e-mail, SMS, NFC tags, mobile websites, mobile banner ads, and more.


Mult Channel Distribuition-Platform

3GlobalTec have a an all-in-one marketing software with integrated mobile coupon distribution methods.
You do not need to invest in email marketing software, sms (texting) software, social media advertising, banner design etc.
3GlobalTec offers you one crossmedia platform for all your coupon marketing needs!

Mobile coupon statistics

Our coupon software gives advanced live reporting about the distributed coupons. You can monitor your mobile marketing campaign real-time.
You have insights into statistics related to scans, claims and validations.
You are able to see exactly how many scans, validations and claims, on which day, week and month. We also provide details about the location of the scanner, based on their phone’s GPS or IP address.
You will be able to see, on Google maps, where your customers scanned the coupons.


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