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3GlobalTec é uma corporação com sede no Panamá e sucursais nos Estados Unidos e Brasil, que atua na área de ciência e tecnologia.
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FAQs & Key Informations

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What does 3GlobalTec do?

ais a corporation headquartered in Panama and branches in the United States and Brazil, which operates in the field of science and technology.
With business groups specialize in health, payment and mobile applications means 3GlobalTec offers a wide range of products and services to the world market

What languages Work Apps and Coupons?

aOur Apps and Mobile Coupons work in major world languages. Yet the advantage we offer training and full support in English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Yet we have the Master Program Dealers and Affiliates where jobs Service and Onboarding are conducted by Business Partners, which makes use of very attractive products.

How much does a Custom App?

aThinking about the quality and ease of creating Apps, we have developed a modern methodology and practice for creating Apps Android and Apple iOS for small and medium enterprises.

With a WYSIWYG authoring system anyone can create beautiful applications in a short time and this work can also be done by 3GlobalTec or Master Dealers. So the Apps development costs are presented after the completion of the Onboarding and will be presented a budget to the end customer, based on the type, level programming and platforms involved.

How do I create my coupons and Apps?

It is very simple to create Mobile Coupons and Apps through our panels Control.
However, these control panels are only available to Affiliates and Master Dealers that are part of our Reseller Program.

End customers can buy the finished products directly in 3GlobalTec or through affiliate links and Master Dealers dealers.

Where are your offices?

aOur head office is in Panama City, Central America and we have distributors in Brazil and the United States.
Panama is a country that plays an important role as a hub between all countries of the world and has a dollarized economy, where the currency is the Balboa, but national and international business operations are also conducted in US dollars.
Since 2013, the 3GlobalTec provides development services to multinational corporations and from September 2016 began its expansion process in HealthCare Divisions and Payment Means.

Where can I see your work?

aOur work can be found in the main World Applications Sectors. In addition, we Coupons and Mobile Applications developed for customers worldwide.
The most important thing is that you can have access to all our technology and have entrepreneurial spirit and love technology, it may be one of our Master Dealers or even an affiliate and resell our products and services in your area.

Do you ship to my country?

aYes. We deliver directly from Panama to all countries, except for countries which have economic embargoes of the international community.
It is important to remember that depending on the Business Division, some products / services can be physical or digital and therefore delivery times are informed in their virtual stores or through local distributors.

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