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3GlobalTec é uma corporação com sede no Panamá e sucursais nos Estados Unidos e Brasil, que atua na área de ciência e tecnologia.
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Mobile Apps

Custom  Mobile Applications for Android and iOS Apple Devices

Blockchain Solutions

Intelligence services, tools and consulting to Blockchain applications

Payment Gateways

Special services for integrations or personalization of payment gateways

Global Services

Personalized assistance in English, Portuguese and Spanish

We make a better world

3GlobalTec uses high technology to offer products and services that make people’s lives better.  Mobile Apps, Products and Services for Industry and Commerce created with a single goal: to contribute to a better world!

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A Company Like No Other

What our customers and partners say about us

"Great flexibility."

For years I count on the services of 3GT and I believe this Dealers platform is an excellent choice for people who want an extra income.

Netinho de Paula cliente 3GT

Netinho de Paula Tv Presenter & Singer

"Great Apps!"

We had the need to develop a very specific App to one of our business units and successfully entrust this task to the 3GT

Pindaro CWP cliente 3GT

Pindaro Brandão VP at CWP

3GT TagZone

Proximity Marketing

TagZone 3Globaltec is a mobile application that uses the most modern features to enchant its clients.

NFC, Beacons, Nearby, GPS, Coupons, Push Notifications and Ecommerce integrated and functionally natively on Android and iOS devices.


NFC Solutions

Apps & Tags

Payments, registrations, confirmations and advertising via NFC tags


TagZone Beacons

Bluetooth Solutions

The real power of the Proximity Marketing



The ideal solution for entrepreneurs

The easiest and fastest way to connect businesses to the Internet and to new customers. With our program you can work in your city and participate in the fastest growing market in the world.


Meet our Business Divisions


Main Business Division 3GlobalTec focused on solution and development of Android & iOS Mobile Applications .

Intelligence services, tools and consulting to Blockchain applications

Online sales through Mobile Apps and responsible for business partnerships with Service Providers and Third Party

3Globaltec constantly investing in the growth of its local service network by investing in support, training and development of a wide range of products and high-tech services.

3Globaltec has the ideal solution for your mobile application.

What Are You Waiting For? Be Global With 3GT!

Now that you already know with 3GlobalTec you have the best products and services in Technology, it was time to try it!

Mobile Apps


Payment Gateways


Mobile Coupons