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3GlobalTec é uma corporação com sede no Panamá e sucursais nos Estados Unidos e Brasil, que atua na área de ciência e tecnologia.
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A Real Innovation in Proximity Marketing
Stick our TagZone Beacons anywhere or any object to create new, large and rich mobile experiences for their customers.
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What are TagZone Beacons?

TagZone Beacons are small wireless sensors that you can attach to any location or object. They broadcast tiny radio signals which your smartphone can receive and interpret, unlocking micro-location and contextual awareness.

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3GT TagZone iBeacon
3GT App Development

Seamless Integration for Internet of Things

TagZones Beacons are ideal to integrate with Mobiles Coupons, Passes and add value in their campaigns. All managed through a powerful Cloud Control Panel.

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Best Cost Benefit

Our TagZone offers a Powerful Control Panel and Total Integration with Android and Apple iOS

Full Management

Content control, nearby, places, video, audios, URL links, energy management and working time

Rich Experiences

Deliver rich experiences to your target audience with the advantages embedded in 3GlobalTec products

Increase Traffic

Increase site traffic, online and multi create campaigns using various TagZone Beacons at the same time

A Company Like No Other

What Our Customers and Partners Say About Us

"Excellent Perform"

We use Mobile Coupons of 3Globaltec to increase our viewing our Youtube channel. The campaigns were a success and the numbers prove it!!! Thank 3GT!

Levi Os De Paula Cliente 3GT

Levi Os de Paula Singer

"Super support!"

For years I count on the services of 3GT and I believe this Dealers platform is an excellent choice for people who want an extra income.

Netinho de Paula cliente 3GT

Netinho de Paula TV Presenter & Singer

"Great Services"

We had the need to develop a very specific App to one of our business units and successfully entrust this task to the 3GT

Pindaro CWP cliente 3GT

Pindaro Brandão VP at Cable Wireless Panamá

Strategies for Use TagZone Beacons

A few steps to a good strategy Proximity Marketing

Stick TagZone

Use the TagZone on your Phisical Storefront or Individual Products to provide personalized content

Configure Content

Choose whatever display: audio, video, promotions, mobile websites and easily use the Control Panel

Show App

Promote your TagZone and encourage your target audience to experience

Make Integrations

Use Mobile Coupons and Apple Passes to provide GPS directions, discounts, loyalty programs and Exclusive Offers

I need to develop an app to work with a TagZone?

No. The TagZones Beacons has a Free App that can be used to display its contents, plus you can use it in Mobile Coupons, Pass Wallet to enhance the experience of its customers.
3Globaltec offers all the support and training for the use of their TagZone Beacons to be optimized to the maximum.

How many TagsZones can I use in my physical location?

You can TagZones Beacons how you want!

Easy configuration and management, can be used for each product in your store, or even for other types of businesses, such as tourist information, museums, useful information and more.

I can have a unique App to use with my Beacons?

If your company wants to offer unique experiences with TagZone Beacons and have an App with your brand, the 3GlobalTec has the ideal solution. We have developed a package of special White Label products for businesses and Master Dealers.

TagZone Beacon & App

iOS Apple & Android Compatible Devices

Easily Set up your Beacons

Cloud Management

100% Secure.

Fully Integration

Support English, Spanish, Portuguese

What Are You Waiting For? TagZone Today!

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